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From left to right President Leslie Venzor, Recruitment Officer Josiah Pohl and Secretary Sarah Fischer at the Multicultural Student Union’s weekly meeting in UC 122.

IUS Multicultural Student Union celebrates diversity

Emily Elliotte, Staff Reporter October 30, 2019

Page four of the Registered Student Organization Handbook emphasizes a Diversity Statement, prohibiting each organization from discrimination of any kind. Several student organizations, including the Multicultural...

“Social justice is really important to me. Its at the center of everything I do, so any way I can promote diversity is really important to me,” said Ortiz. Photo by Natalie Allen.

Criminal Justice professor dives deep into diversity

Natalie Allen, Staff Reporter March 4, 2019

In a society growing with diversity, Jennifer Ortiz, assistant professor of criminology and criminal justice, joins the community in fighting for equality and virtue. Ortiz earned her bachelor's and...

IUS expands its diversity

IUS expands its diversity

Brittany Bullard, Staff Reporter October 25, 2018

Students who identified as non-white made up 22.4 percent of the fall 2018 incoming first-year class. This is compared to 12.4 percent in 2014. Departments such as Admissions and the Office of Equity and...

Being Diverse Together

Being Diverse Together

Jose Aponte, Staff Writer September 21, 2016

When we are young we are taught about the diversity in plants and animals. We study their wonder and beauty. But what does diversity actually mean? We have all heard the word diversity before. Some...

Brian Sims was the keynote speaker in the Common Experience event “Decision Making and Diversity: Getting Things Done and Bringing People With You.

Diversity advocate Brian Sims speaks in Ogle Center

Kristin Kennedy and Autumn Hockenbury March 20, 2016

Before Brian Sims was a diversity advocate or a Pennsylvania state representative, he had to come to terms with others knowing about his sexuality. While Sims was a captain of his football team during...

Diversity on IUS campus discussed

IUS Horizon October 25, 2008

The present status of diversity on the IUS campus was the topic discussed at University Center North on Thursday, Oct. 23. Darlene Young, affirmative action team member at IU Southeast, opened the discussion...

Celebrating Diversity on campus

IUS Horizon October 11, 2008

The Gay Straight Alliance student organization at IU Southeast is planning several events in October to honor of gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender history, and to help encourage tolerance among a...

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