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Indiana University suspends face-to-face classroom teaching over COVID-19 concerns

Indiana University suspends face-to-face classroom teaching over COVID-19 concerns

John Clere, Editor-in-Chief March 10, 2020

IU President Michael McRobbie announced today in a statement all IU campuses will suspend face-to-face classroom teaching after spring break until Apr. 6. “However,” McRobbie wrote, “that could change...

Angie Munoz, primary education sophomore, uses her phone during leisure time at University Grounds Coffee Shop. Photo by Meleena Richardson.

Are Smartphones Hurting our Health and Happiness?

Meleena Richardson, Staff Reporter February 16, 2018

Angie Munoz, a primary education sophomore at IU Southeast, begins her phone ritual from the moment her eyes open in the morning until they close at night. “Checking my phone is literally the first...

New year, new me

New year, new me

Julie Jackson, conetent editor January 8, 2018

Give yourself a pat on the back.  You made it through 2017.  Whether it was a year of unatonable savagery or a year of misery and failures, 2018 has entered the building and is here to stay, until 2019...

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Treating your winter illness the natural way

Rain Hopkins February 11, 2015

Most students spend the few minutes before an exam studying, but psychology sophomore Autumn Hockenbury spent her few minutes vomiting up all she had eaten that day in a bathroom stall on campus. Hockenbury...

Holistic healer discusses the connection between stress and health

Erin Mann, Staff November 17, 2014

Health issues can start at the beginning of stress or other situations going on in a person’s life. On Nov. 12, the IU Southeast chapter of the nationally known organization Psi Chi invited Jordana...

Dr. Christopher Hofelich, interventional cardiologist at Floyd Memorial Hospital, said a healthy lifestyle may seem like a burden now, but is worth it in the long run.

Preventing heart disease with diet and exercise

Erin Mann February 25, 2014

Heart disease has been on the rise, and awareness is an enormous factor when it comes to preventing it and educating the public. American Heart Month, which takes place in February, seeks to brings attention...

Energy drinks lead to monster problem

IUS Horizon April 1, 2012
Rockstar, 5 Hour Energy, Redbull, Full Throttle, Monster and Amp — these products can be seen in students’ hands and vending machines all over campus. Energy in a can is now a common weapon for college students attempting to conquer late nights and final exams. Students can finally see the end to the school year. Unfortunately, this also means more pressure on students struggling to find time to make ends meet before grades are final.
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