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Declining mental health, increased stress due to the COVID-19 pandemic continues to impact local college students

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused multiple students to struggle with maintaining their typical mental health and stress levels
Rachel Miller, Staff Reporter February 5, 2021

When IU Southeast extended its 2020 spring break, students thought they would only be gone from campus for a short time.  “We all thought it was going to be just two weeks,” said Whitney Brunson,...

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IUS experts discuss mental health effects of a semester without breaks

Emily Owen, Staff Writer September 9, 2020

To mitigate the spread of COVID-19, Indiana University excluded fall and spring breaks from this year’s academic calendar. But this exclusion, experts warn, might have adverse effects on students’...

Social distancing and its effects on mental health

Social distancing and its effects on mental health

Staying isolated during the social distancing period can cause anxiety, depression and loneliness
Sydney Randall, News Editor April 13, 2020

Social distancing has been proven to save lives and slow the spread of pandemics like the novel coronavirus. But just as social distancing aids public health, the isolation it entails can also have adverse...

Anita Kraft answers questions posed by freshmen Holly Britton and Larissa Dalton about the autism group meeting. Kraft set up a table in the hallway at noon during the first week of classes to raise awareness for her new group.

Leave all your problems at the door

New mental health support groups on campus help students cope with college life
Joshua Roy, Staff Reporter February 4, 2019

On the second floor of University Center South a small group of offices can be found. These few doors are a safe space for many IUS students — they are the offices of the IU Southeast Personal Counseling...

How Not to Talk to Someone With Depression

How Not to Talk to Someone With Depression

Common mistakes we make when talking to someone with mental illness
Lydia Wieczorek, Staff Reporter February 18, 2018

Depression is draining. It takes many forms, reeking havoc for people in a variety of ways making the subject tricky to just generalize entirely. Some people have good days and bad days. Others struggle...

Skylar Guernsey and Honey Bear during their return visit to IU Southeast.

Paws for Thought

The therapeutic impact emotional support animals have on human mental health
Meleena Richardson, Staff Reporter February 2, 2018

People with anxiety and depression are often a victim of their own mind, but with the aid of an emotional support animal, they have learned to cope and gain a companion while doing so.   Research suggests...

Melissa Fry, assistant professor of sociology and director of the Applied Research and Education Center at IU Southeast, tells a story about one of her clients who lost everything as Annell Lough, outreach advisor for the Center for Women and Families, and another attendee listen.

Mental Health and Wellness Series event tackles issues of homelessness and mental illness

Samuel Voyles, Contributing Writer March 13, 2016

Homelessness and mental health are issues that can affect communities. March’s Mental Health and Wellness Series event focused on those issues. The event, called “Disenfranchisement in the U.S.,”...

Students compete in Voices of Change Speech Contest

Students compete in Voices of Change Speech Contest

Tassy Payne, Staff Reporter February 17, 2016

Four students sat in the front row of University Center North, room 127. The students clenched their note cards while practicing for the last time what they were going to say in front of their audience. Then,...

Personal Counseling Services is located in University Center South, room 243. Students interested in making an appointment can call 812-941-2244, e-mail Michael Day, director of Personal Counseling Services, at or e-mail the department at

Mental health concerns on campus

Kristin Kennedy, Social Media Coordinator November 16, 2015

A 22-year-old senior lived with her parents, and she was on track to graduate. However, her parents told her she had to find somewhere else to live. In addition to figuring out where to live, the student...

Mental health 101

Mental health 101

Kaetln Harrison, Staff Reporter September 8, 2015

Mental Health affects everyone, but it is a topic many find difficult. One in four adults experiences a mental health condition every year. One in seventeen lives with a serious mental illness. An interdisciplinary...

The time for mental health care reform is now

The time for mental health care reform is now

40,000 Americans die by suicide each  year. 90 percent of those have at least one mental disorder. I was almost one of them.
Jims Porter, Managing Editor for Print October 6, 2014

  I still remember the words of a friend who was by my side in the ER after I attempted suicide. It was seeing me there, he later told me, my mouth still black with charcoal and my eyes raw and...

Two student veterans  share PTSD struggles

Two student veterans share PTSD struggles

Ethan Smith, Staff Writer October 5, 2014

Scan your sector. Is that a piece of trash on the side of the road or an I.E.D.? Scan your sector. Is this just a narrow hallway or a killzone? Scan your sector. Fellow student or suicide bomber? Scan...

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