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Gaven and Rocio Lozada-Smith have much in common, including the degrees they are pursuing. Both are business majors at IU Southeast.

Married IUS students both pursuing business majors

Anna Smith, Staff Reporter December 1, 2019

Gaven and Rocio Lozada-Smith met by chance while Rocio was out shopping with her family. After that serendipitous encounter, she quickly got in contact with Gaven through a mutual friend. The Lozada-Smiths...

New Business Pops Up on Campus

New Business Pops Up on Campus

Beth Hunter, Volunteer Reporter April 18, 2018

A new storefront on campus, The Pop Up Shop, sells a variety of items including posters, laptop stickers, tapestries, buttons, electronic items and more. The shop is open Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday...

Spitz tells the audience that they determine their success, whether they’ll be successful or not is up to them.
“If you have a dream, you have to be the person who inspires yourself,” Spitz said. “Great things are not done all at once.”

Streamlining Through the Waters of Success

Tassy Payne, Staff Reporter February 15, 2017

If there is one thing most athletes are known for, it’s leaving a legacy. Former Olympian Mark Spitz said you forfeit your chance of success if you don’t give your best at all times. That is the...

Alysa Lambert, associate professor in human resources management, said David Eplion, dean of the School of Business, is good at keeping communication lines open and that he’s good at advocating with the school, the administration and with the community.

Dean Eplion at Home in the School of Business

Tassy Payne, Staff Reporter February 4, 2017

Not everyone gets the chance to work in a place they can call home. For David Eplion, he said it was an honor to come back to Southern Indiana to work at IU Southeast, a place he considered home. Eplion...

Brian Sims was the keynote speaker in the Common Experience event “Decision Making and Diversity: Getting Things Done and Bringing People With You.

Diversity advocate Brian Sims speaks in Ogle Center

Kristin Kennedy and Autumn Hockenbury March 20, 2016

Before Brian Sims was a diversity advocate or a Pennsylvania state representative, he had to come to terms with others knowing about his sexuality. While Sims was a captain of his football team during...

Candy Crowley speaks to the crowd about the 2016 presidential election and the candidates.

Candy Crowley comes to IUS

Kristin Kennedy and Brandon Looney March 6, 2016

In the midst of the 2016 presidential election season, the candidates are battling to win voters’ support and come out on top. Candy Crowley, former chief political correspondent for CNN, visited...

Occupational management breakdown

Teaching is Their Business

Jordan Williams, Features Editor February 9, 2016

According to Richard Hadley, good business isn’t defined by management style and effectiveness, but is instead defined by people and the relationships created. “[In business,] you aren’t only...

Chef adds zest to Food Court

IUS Horizon November 5, 2012
[Chef 1] Aaron Wilder, sous chef for Dining and Conference Services, helps prepare a sandwich for a customer in the Food Court. Wilder is an IUS alumnus and applied for the position three times over a three-year period before being selected for the position. IU Southeast hired a new chef at the beginning of the year, Aaron Wilder, sous chef for Dining and Conference Services. Wilder graduated from the School of Business with a Bachelor of Science in business management at IU Southeast in 2006. “I learned more from being on the job than in [culinary] school,” Wilder said. “I felt [it] was a waste of money.”

Graduates win honors at research challenge

IUS Horizon March 18, 2012
IU Southeast competed in the annual Certified Financial Analyst Institute Global Investment Research Challenge on Feb. 23, walking away with second place honors. The team from IU Southeast consisted of graduates Greg Darnell, Tim Crockett, Matt Yost, Jim Magill and Erica Lange. According to the CFA’s Facebook page, the CFA Institute’s Research Challenge mission is to allow students the opportunity to produce an equity research report based off of the investment industry. Kevin Ragland, professor of Investment Management and faculty sponsor of the group, elaborated on the research challenge.

Foundation partners with School of Business

IUS Horizon January 23, 2012
The foundation will be established in the School of Business with a $100,000 fund from the Horseshoe Foundation. This is the first time IU Southeast has partnered with a foundation with such a large investment fund. Jay White, dean of the School of Business, said the money will be used to create a portfolio. The portfolio will be combined with a class teaching students how to make decisions about buying securities as well as selling securities. White said he previously spoke to Jerry Finn, head of the Horseshoe Foundation, years ago about the concept. However, it was not until the School of Business finished the Financial Markets Lab that Finn contacted White agreeing to support a student trading fund.

Business receives high position rating

IUS Horizon November 28, 2011
The School of Business moved up 30 positions in its rankings with “U.S. News and World Report,” making it in the top 15 percent of business programs in the country. Bloomberg’s “BusinessWeek” has also recently ranked IU Southeast’s School of Business 73rd out of 500 for part-time MBA programs. “These rankings show that IU Southeast’s business programs compare very favorably with other programs in the nation,” Alan White, dean of the School of Business and assistant professor of finance, said.
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