Career Development Center hosts Job Fair

IUS Horizon

The IU Southeast Career Development Center hosted the spring Job Fair in an attempt to help students and the public meet with local employers. More than 20 employers were present to meet with students or future employees.

Students were encouraged to “dress for success” and bring in their résumé. They were given tips on how to “work a job fair.”

The Job Fair was open to the public, as well as to students.

Some of the tips given were: do background research on the employers, have a list of questions ready and prepare a one-minute commercial for yourself.

Students were encouraged to arrive early, stay the whole time and to not talk about salaries.

“You want to really identify which organizations make sense to talk to based on your career interests and desires,” Trey Lewis, director of the Career Development Center, said.

“Students need to develop a sound elevator speech,” Lewis said. “These recruiters typically want to dedicate anywhere from 2-5 minutes of really talking to each student as a candidate, and understand who they are as a candidate, what type of skill sets do they bring to that organization,” Lewis said.

Lewis’ third tip was to bring a pen, because you never know whether there will be a follow-up, and if there is, students need to be prepared to write the information down on the business card.

“We’re trying to help our students get connected in the community, which is why we are focused on employers in this community, because we know students want to work here,” Danielle Leffler, office services assistant senior, said. “So this is a perfect opportunity to network and meet employers face to face, so when you apply they will remember you.”

The employers that came to IU Southeast said they were looking for good first impressions.

“The best way to make yourself marketable is to know what you’re good at be absolutely sure of your skill set, come presentable, show that you’re interested and if there is a certain company you really want to talk to, make sure you walk up and talk to them because that is really what they want is for you to show interest andthat you really want a job,” Leffler said.

Many students showed up well-prepared and eager to talk to employers.

Kristin Striegel, criminal justice senior, said it was nice to get information about future job possibilities and internships.

“I actually seen a girl I went to school with there, and she works with the FBI now,” Striegel said. “It was nice catching up with her, and she told me about possible job openings that will be available within the next two years, so that was very interesting.”

She said that she gave the FBI her résumé, and that hopefully they will take it into consideration whenever they do start hiring.

She said that she felt she had a good chance.

The Career Development Center brought in companies that were looking for career employees, and also some that were looking for summer help.

“There is a mix of opportunities. We have organizations that are really looking for students preparing to enter the job market, and we have some that are looking for students who want to build their experience while they are a student,” Lewis said. “There really is a buffet in terms of what you can get here at the job fair.”

Lewis also said that there are many available internships through the Career Development Center that have not been filled yet, and would like for students to apply for those.

“IU Southeast is a prominent member of the southern Indiana community,” Lewis said. “This is a good faith effort on the university’s part to really promote and contribute to the economic development of the region, and the job fair is one small way in which we try and do that. Certainly our focus and priority is the student.”

Lewis added it is never too late to visit the Career Development Center.