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Ethan Smith
My name is Ethan Smith and I am the features editor of your student newspaper! I have no idea how to talk about myself other than to share embarrassing, trivial stories with you. For instance, in 5th grade I wrote a comic book about “Pencil-Man” the president’s pencil (I later found out he uses pens) who fights dust bunnies everywhere (I don't get it either). I almost got stabbed at a party once, and because of that night I now have a profound hatred of whiskey. I was arrested once for vandalism because I was tagging walls in broad daylight (Banksy, I am not). And I once wasted all of my savings on an impromptu road trip to Key West. Essentially, I am a tightly-wound ball of bad decisions. But one thing I know I’ve done right is joining this lovely paper. So come check us out and let us tell your story.

Ethan Smith, Features Editor (Spring 2015); Staff Reporter (Fall 2014)

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