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Knights defeat Grenadiers

IUS Horizon April 1, 2012
The Grenadiers fell to Marian University Knights on March 15, with a score of 3-0. The scoreless game was a result of quick hits and good defense by both teams. The innings were a continuous three up, three down style for most of the game. Both teams played well in defense to keep the opposing team from scoring.

Cardinals fight for win, break wings instead

IUS Horizon March 18, 2012
The IUS softball team had a slow start to their game against the Concordia Cardinals and pulled out a victory at the end of the game, 6-5, on March 9. The slow beginning was a result of poor defense by the Grenadiers and preventable fumbles. In the fourth and fifth inning, Jordan Batliner, freshman pitcher, Amber Eckstein, sophomore pitcher, and Jenna Swain, sophomore pitcher, all threw from the mound in an attempt to stop the Cardinals.

Student finds new beginnings

IUS Horizon February 26, 2012
Treavor Martin, communications sophomore and president of the Student African American Brotherhood, has an enthusiastic persona and is passionate about being a part of SAAB. The SAAB chapter at IU Southeast is a small but eager group of men who help each other with resources and networking on and off campus in order to be successful in school. The purpose of SAAB is to create a community of minority male peers and to provide a positive environment to support each other while in college. Martin said he had to adapt and quickly learn how to be a leader when he became president two years ago.

Fine arts senior dedicated to sorority

IUS Horizon February 20, 2012
Anna Loos, fine arts senior, said she chose IU Southeast because it is a small school that reminds her of her hometown in Elizabeth, Ind. Not only is she involved in the Fine Arts program, but she is also the president of Alpha Phi sorority. When choosing her major, Loos said she knew she had talent in the arts, but, when it came to a sorority, she had no interest until her freshman year when she lived on campus.

Professor shares cultural experiences

IUS Horizon February 13, 2012
Magdalena Herdoiza-Estevez, professor of education and director of International Studies, is the coordinator and director of the Education of Diversity Education Program, also known as Summer in Ecuador. This year is the tenth year of the Summer in Ecuador program, which focuses on education and cultural issues using a hands-on approach by interacting with natives in the schools and in their environment. The program is offered to both undergraduate and graduate students. Although the program was first conceived for the education program, it is now open to any field with students who are interested in experiencing another culture.

Printmaking student finds passion in plants

IUS Horizon January 23, 2012
College is about developing skills and learning what passion and drives oneself has. Wende Cudmore, fine arts senior, has a passion for learning and has found a skill she is very good at — printmaking. Cudmore said she not only creates prints but puts them on the paper she has made herself out of a variety of vegetables and fruits. “I love the process of printmaking,” Cudmore said. “I like to layer my work to invoke people to wonder my process.”

Common Experience: Students characterize social cycles

IUS Horizon December 4, 2011
The graduate students of the Introduction to Graduate Liberal Studies class put on a show on Nov. 30 called “Metheopressed or Interdisciplinary Approaches to Social Change,” which was a reenactment of the Common Experience book “The Working Poor” by David K. Shipler. Stories from the book were told by four students acting as the characters and capturing the character’s personality. The book highlighted the lives of the characters and told stories of their struggles with low-paying jobs and the cycle of families on welfare. A panel of five students answered the questions, complaints and concerns of the characters about their economic problems and social failures. The panel gave educated answers to the characters’ concerns about current economic and social problems.

Students share tips on scoring internships

IUS Horizon November 27, 2011
Career Services sponsored an internship presentation in The Commons on Nov. 9. Six women were part of the panel and shared their experiences with their internships. Some of them went through the Career Services’ internship program to find an internship, and others used the Internet or found internships through their own networking. Sarah Brown, business senior, had an internship at LG&E in which she was paid and received class credit for it.

Traveling student explores hobbies in US

IUS Horizon November 13, 2011
Eder Ricardo Dupret-Leacock, history sophomore, has lived on three continents and in five countries. Dupret-Leacock was born in Angola, West Africa, where he lived with his family for five years. His family moved a lot because his father worked for the diplomatic core and his mother is part of a teacher’s exchange program.

Center for Women and Families extends helping hand to students

IUS Horizon November 13, 2011
October was Domestic Violence Awareness Month and Melody Mayes, volunteer coordinator for the Center for Women and Families, spoke to students, faculty and staff about the services the facility provides during a presentation in the University Center, room 121, on Nov. 2. The Center for Women and Families is a non-profit organization that has been offering services to survivors of intimate partner abuse and sexual violence since 1912 and serves nine counties in Southern Indiana and greater Kentucky. Mayes’ presentation was focused around the economic aspect of abuse, and to inform people of economic abuse, as well as, physical abuse, and how one could seek help.

Grenadiers shoot for high hoops

IUS Horizon November 6, 2011
The IUS women’s basketball scrimmage against the Campbellsville University Tigers exhibited the Grenadiers strengths and weaknesses on the court. The Tigers defeated the Grenadiers in the first half, 29-45, while the second half ended with an even 40-all tie. The Grenadiers lacked defense in the beginning of the first half and gave the Tigers easy shots and rebounds. Ashmere Woods, returning junior guard and last season’s leading scorer, helped dig the Grenadiers out of their rut to bring up the score.

IUS Fitness Center shapes up

IUS Horizon October 23, 2011
The Fitness Center at IU Southeast is no longer full of outdated and broken equipment, but, instead a brand new lineup of fitness equipment. In August, the Athletic Department purchased brand new cardiovascular and free weight equipment. The Athletic Department went to the Student Life Committee and asked for new fitness equipment. Their request was approved, and they were granted $75,000 from the Student Activity Fees.
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