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Gaven and Rocio Lozada-Smith have much in common, including the degrees they are pursuing. Both are business majors at IU Southeast.

Married IUS students both pursuing business majors

Anna Smith, Staff Reporter December 1, 2019

Gaven and Rocio Lozada-Smith met by chance while Rocio was out shopping with her family. After that serendipitous encounter, she quickly got in contact with Gaven through a mutual friend. The Lozada-Smiths...

Move-in day

Move-in day

Joseph Kauffman, Features Editor August 24, 2015

As morning became day, cars poured onto campus, filling the lodge parking lots to the brim. Students, some old and some new, exited the vehicles with the various clothes, furniture, electronics, and decorative...

From the country, like it that way

IUS Horizon February 3, 2013

Education, responsibility crucial for gun safety I am a country girl. I was raised out in the country of Orange County, Ind., by two very strong-willed, strict and traditional parents. But I would...

Farmer’s daughter influenced by life’s travels

IUS Horizon November 25, 2012
Most students think of two things for the first day of classes: syllabuses and self-introductions. For many, reading the syllabus is the easy part and coming up with something interesting to say is not. For lack of better alternatives, most end up just blurting out that they have a cat or like to watch TV. There are some people, though, whose unique answers seem destined for the task. If still a student, Audrey Deterding, assistant professor of communication studies, would be one of those people. “I’d probably say that I have four sisters because it’s something kind of unique, and it would be something that people remember,” Deterding said.

Student finds fulfillment through fraternity, family values

IUS Horizon October 14, 2012
Joe Voss, music business junior, is a trumpet and keyboard player, actor, secretary for Pike fraternity and is from a family of 15. Voss said he has played the trumpet for 13 years and the keyboard for three years. “I got interested in music when I was 8 or 9,” Voss said. “My family is really musical. My parents encouraged us all to get an instrument just for stress relief or as a talent to have when we’re older.”

Mardi Gras gives student chance to see family

IUS Horizon March 18, 2011

For one day a year, people who live all across the United States and some parts of the world are encouraged to indulge in Marti Gras with food and drink while collecting multitudes of beaded necklaces...

Japan disaster worries IUS student about family

IUS Horizon March 18, 2011

With new technology, it has become easier to keep in touch online. Alisa Hamilton, English junior, took advantage of new technology during the recent disaster in Japan. She was born in Okinawa, Japan,...

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