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Audience members participate in “60-second Drag Queen,” a competition to see who could so the best drag makeup on their partner in 60 seconds. Kelly Howard, psychology junior and production team member, stage-manager Nicholas Moore, and emcee Lucy Panic led the game.

IUS holds Glitter Fever 2016 – Carnaval!

Lori Mundell, Staff Reporter March 20, 2016

Lights, music, lip-sync, dancing and drag performers filled the IU Southeast Hoosier Room during Glitter Fever 2016 -  Carnaval. The annual event took place on Saturday, March 12, in the Hoosier Room...

Brian Sims was the keynote speaker in the Common Experience event “Decision Making and Diversity: Getting Things Done and Bringing People With You.

Diversity advocate Brian Sims speaks in Ogle Center

Kristin Kennedy and Autumn Hockenbury March 20, 2016

Before Brian Sims was a diversity advocate or a Pennsylvania state representative, he had to come to terms with others knowing about his sexuality. While Sims was a captain of his football team during...

Safe sex aids in preventing STDs

Safe sex aids in preventing STDs

Tassy Payne, Staff Reporter November 28, 2015

Six boxes of Little Caesar’s Hot and Ready Pizza and Kroger’s ice tea fed the physical hunger while a discussion about safe sex fulfilled students’ sexual hunger. IU Southeast’s Gay-Straight...

Photo courtesy of the Student Veterans Organization.

Campus organizations

Katie Casper and Enrique Bryan November 25, 2015

IU Southeast’s students possess a variety of interests and the campus’ many student organizations allow them to share those interests with one another. A few of these organizations are detailed below. Student...

Members of the IU Southeast Gay-Straight Alliance showed their colors in the Kentuckiana Pride Parade June 14. Banner holders from left to right: Justin Armenta, psychology junior, Mallory Murphy, international business and marketing sophomore, Dylan Kidwell, English and French sophomore and GSA President, Calvin Barron, education sophomore, Geoff Hutton, vocal performance alumnus and Amanda Abell, general studies alumna.

GSA shows pride at Louisville parade

Aprile Rickert July 7, 2013

Members of the IU Southeast Gay-Straight Alliance gathered with nearly 1,000 others in downtown Louisville on June 14 to march in the Kentuckiana Pride Parade. The annual parade is part of the two-day...

Students expose alter egos

IUS Horizon November 5, 2012
Glitter, wigs, costumes, fake beards and more could be found in the Ogle Center Oct. 27 for the Gay Straight Alliance’s Drag Show. This was the first drag show of the school year, with the second to follow in March 2013. Dylan Kidwell, secondary education sophomore and GSA president, said he thought the show went well. “We didn’t have as big of a crowd as I would have liked, but the turnout was great,” Kidwell said. “It gives us something to push harder for in the spring.”

LGBT advocate discusses life with same-sex parents

IUS Horizon October 21, 2012
Close your eyes and think about the images that come to mind when you hear the word marriage. Common images could be a wedding with heartfelt vows, the wedding cake, a reception with funny toasts or having a little too much champagne by the end of the night. Now imagine going through the whole marriage process, only to find out your marriage is not legally recognized because of your sexual orientation.

IUS organizations harvest fun for local children

IUS Horizon October 14, 2012
Amid inflatables, roasted corn stands, several strollers and attendees dressed in sweatshirts and jeans, there was a princess walking around IU Southeast’s Fall Festival on Oct. 7. Little did she know her validity was about to be tested by an inquisitive young girl. “Are you a real princess?” the girl asked.

Editors come out for civil rights, acceptance

IUS Horizon August 26, 2012
During the summer, gay rights and marriage equality has been talked about in the news and political arenas. Even some companies, such as Chick-Fil-A and Oreo’s rainbow cookie, have come out against it or in support of it. It has caused a lot of controversy on both sides, from people refusing to eat at Chick-Fil-A and others boycotting Oreo because of their support. It is not a surprise to us that Chick-Fil-A came out against gay equality. They are a Christian-founded company and have kept it that way for more than 66 years; however, their support and donations of millions of dollars to anti-gay, hate groups and organizations claiming they can cure homosexuality is what sent a lot of people over the edge about it.

Performers swagger for drag show

IUS Horizon March 11, 2012
Dressed scantily clad in high heels, drag queens took over the stage in Stem Hall for the annual IUS Drag Show on March 3. The Gay Straight Alliance put on the drag show for the fourth consecutive year. This year’s show featured seven acts comprised of students, staff and members of the community. The show was a collaborative effort from many organizations on campus. The Student Nursing Association helped promote the production of the drag show, as well as the IUS Civil Liberties Union, Phi Sigma Sigma and the Gamers’ Society.

GSA plans to expand unisex restrooms

IUS Horizon November 28, 2011
The Gay Straight Alliance has been working on a proposal that will create awareness of gender neutral restrooms and add additional facilities on campus. Hunter Luthi, informatics senior and GSA president, has been working for the last six months on expanding the gender neutral restrooms on campus. Unlike most restrooms on campus that are denoted as either “mens” or “womens,” the gender neutral restrooms would be open for use by both sexes. Currently, there are four restrooms on campus that are designated as gender neutral: two in Knobview Hall near the Ogle Center and two on either side of the IUS Library coffee shop. All four of these restrooms are single stall.

Organization hosts Constitution Day

IUS Horizon September 26, 2011

The IUS Civil Liberties Union hosted this year’s annual Constitution Day event on Sept. 15 in the IUS Library. The event included a panel of touted scholars and covered the topic of constitutional interpretation. Sean...

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