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Musgrave Touches Down at IU Southeast

Astronaut, Story Musgrave, speaks to a sold-out crowd in the Ogle Center on Monday, Feb. 26.
Astronaut, Story Musgrave, brought his story and his message to IU Southeast at a sold-out Sanders Speaker Series keynote at the Ogle Center
February 27, 2018

Story Musgrave is a jack-of-all-trades in the purest form of the word. From growing up in child labor, to the Marines, to the Great Unknown, this real-life spaceman is much more than that. A man without...

Streamlining Through the Waters of Success

Spitz tells the audience that they determine their success, whether they’ll be successful or not is up to them.
“If you have a dream, you have to be the person who inspires yourself,” Spitz said. “Great things are not done all at once.”
February 15, 2017

If there is one thing most athletes are known for, it’s leaving a legacy. Former Olympian Mark Spitz said you forfeit your chance of success if you don’t give your best at all times. That is the...

Candy Crowley comes to IUS

Candy Crowley speaks to the crowd about the 2016 presidential election and the candidates.
The former CNN chief political correspondent speaks about the 2016 elections.
March 6, 2016

In the midst of the 2016 presidential election season, the candidates are battling to win voters’ support and come out on top. Candy Crowley, former chief political correspondent for CNN, visited...

Award-winning journalist Candy Crowley to visit IU Southeast

Candy Crowley, award-winning journalist and former chief political correspondent for CNN, will speak at IU Southeast on Monday, Feb. 29 from 6 to 7 p.m., as part of the Sanders Speaker Series.
February 27, 2016

Going into its seventh year, the Sanders Speaker Series will feature Candy Crowley, award-winning journalist and former chief political correspondent for CNN. Crowley will speak on Monday, Feb. 29...

Ben & Jerry’s co-founder churns up discussion

March 4, 2012

Jerry Greenfield, co-owner of Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream, spoke about his multi-million dollar business at IU Southeast in the Ogle Center on Feb. 21. Greenfield was the keynote speaker as a...

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