The Horizon

Fighting for food and family in southern Indiana

Anita Rodriguez picks out a bundle of produce to add to her bag. Rodriguez is a New Albany resident and regular patron of Fresh Stop Market.

Joshua Roy, Staff Reporter

March 18, 2019

A young woman walks a baby laden stroller down the street. In the stroller, along with the baby, are a few small shopping bags filled with light, prepackaged foods. Without access to a car, she can only carry the bare necessities back to her house. The rest of her money goes to renting out a small one...

A tasty take on outer space

Lady Tron's diner, a small business found at 147 East Market Street in New Albany.

Marc Andry, Staff Reporter

March 18, 2019

Sweet and savory aromas rise off Summer Sieg’s grill as Darth Vader watches closely and Yoda keeps an eye on the customers. Seig is the owner and founder of Lady Tron’s, a one-of-a-kind fifties-style diner with a unique take on outer space. Upon walking into Lady Tron’s, customers are filled...

How sustainable is the model of your smartphone?

Angie Munoz, primary education sophomore, uses her phone during leisure time at University Grounds Coffee Shop. Photo by Meleena Richardson.

Marc Andry, Staff Reporter

March 4, 2019

Smartphones are almost a necessity in today’s society, but how long do they really last? The responsibility of sustaining a smartphone partially falls on the user for taking care of it, but also to the manufacturer for continually supporting it. A smartphone is usually considered useless when it’s broken or...

A killer trend in media

Illustration by Louis Herlihy

Abby Bauerla, Staff Reporter

March 4, 2019

From Netflix specials and movies, to podcasts, to Reddit and Buzzfeed, true crime has become a sweeping source of drama in the past couple of years. A Tale of Trends Sara Walsh, associate professor of criminology and criminal justice said the trend tends to ebb and flow. She said the trend also ref...

IUS Spectrum prepares for Glitter Fever 2019

IUS Spectrum prepares for Glitter Fever 2019

Marc Andry, Staff Reporter

March 4, 2019

As spotlights illuminate the stage and music thunders through the Hoosier Room, drag queens and kings storm the stage for one of the campus’ most expressive annual events. Every year the IU Southeast Spectrum organization hosts an on-campus drag show for students as well as the community. The event,...

Criminal Justice professor dives deep into diversity

“Social justice is really important to me. It's at the center of everything I do, so any way I can promote diversity is really important to me,” said Ortiz. Photo by Natalie Allen.

Natalie Allen, Staff Reporter

March 4, 2019

In a society growing with diversity, Jennifer Ortiz, assistant professor of criminology and criminal justice, joins the community in fighting for equality and virtue. Ortiz earned her bachelor's and master's degrees at John Jay College of Criminal Justice. She received a master's in both policing ...

Treasures hidden in the attic

Doll houses, garments, toys and bags are just a fraction of the treasures hidden in the CCR. Photo by Callie Manias.

Callie Manias, Staff Reporter

March 4, 2019

Many students use the library to study or to do homework, but there are many other aspects of the library that are not well known to students. The Center for Cultural Resources (CCR) is part of the IU Southeast Curriculum Materials Center and contains kits with artifacts from different countries. Cl...

Giving back to the community

Abby Bauerla, Staff Reporter

February 26, 2019

For those who are interested in finding volunteer opportunities, the Office of Campus Life is hosting a volunteer fair on Wednesday, Feb. 27. The Volunteer Fair has a vast and diverse range of locations, types of volunteering, and time commitments so volunteers can customize opportunities to their schedule...

IU Southeast to host 21st annual Indiana Latino Leadership Conference

Twelve students as well as IUS professors serve as ambassadors for IU Southeast in their first attendance at the Indiana Latino Leadership Conference. Photo by Meleena Richardson.

Meleena Richardson, Social Media Director

February 24, 2019

“Educación es Poder.” This was the theme of the 20th annual Indiana Latino Leadership Conference. In English, it translates to, “Education is Power.” This phrase holds significant meaning to the Latinx people who attended the 2019 conference in order to network with their peers and fellow ...

Harmony Grillo to speak at IU Southeast

Harmony Grillo is coming to IU Southeast from Los Angeles to speak on human trafficking.

Tessa Arnold, Staff Reporter

February 21, 2019

Harmony Grillo has made it her life passion to help women through their journeys of healing and transformation from sexual exploitation. With her personal experiences, a master’s in social work and evidence-based theories, she sheds light on the life that many women, like herself, get trapped in. ...

Introducing cultures through new dance classes

Adjunct Lecturer in Humanities and dace instructor Jane Blum teaching her class some moves from the Hokey Pokey. Photo by Tessa Arnold

Tessa Arnold, Staff Reporter

February 18, 2019

Jane Blum has been teaching dance classes at IU Southeast for 17 years. For 16 and a half of those years she has been teaching Ballroom dance, but this semester she is branching out into new areas of dance. First time for everything For the first time Blum has introduced her country western line dance a...

Campus that never sleeps

Campus that never sleeps

Callie Manias, staff reporter

February 17, 2019

After classes are finished and students are heading back home or to the lodges, some faculty are just arriving on campus to make sure it’s ready for the next day of classes. “What you do represents what this campus is all about and our responsibility is the safety, health and wellbeing, and ...