Stephon Moore named student body president for 2014-2015


Joshua Rowe

Stephon Moore and Trent Wallace.

Erin Mann

The results are in. Stephon Moore, political science junior, will continue serving as student body president of Indiana University Southeast for the 2014-2015 school year. Trent Wallace, communications sophomore, will be the vice president.

Stephon Moore and Trent Wallace.
Stephon Moore and Trent Wallace.

More than 300 students voted during the Student Government Association presidential election. Stephon and Trent won with a 67 percent lead over their opponents Trent Baker and Zane Glotzbach.

The SGA presidential election took place during the week of March 31.

There is a specific process that occurs to prepare for the presidential election.

“Stephon Moore, political science junior, appoints the election commission of five students,” said Stuart Nordhoff, human resource management sophomore and justice of the SGA. Anyone can run for a position as long as they have at least a 2.0 GPA.

Two weeks prior to the election, Stuart sets up a meeting to plan for it. This allows the SGA members and others who are running for a position to know what is going on.

Ballots were distributed before spring break, and during spring break the SGA determined who would be part of the election that took place during the week of March 31. The election ballot had the president, vice president and senator positions.

The presidential election ballots, which were sent to all students at IU Southeast, were due April 4.

The president and vice president said they have several goals for the coming year at IU Southeast.

“I would like to work on strengthening the bond between the students and the SGA,” Moore said. “I would like to reach out more. I also would like to work with the new chancellor and make sure students develop a relationship with him.”

Wallace echoed the idea of connection, both within the school and in the surrounding community.

“I would like to see IU Southeast and New Albany integrated better. We met with the mayor of New Albany and talked about how the communities should be integrated more. We would like to see more student involvement downtown,” said Wallace.

Moore and Wallace said they want the students to know that the SGA is here for them. If students have any concerns, they should feel free to address the issues to the SGA. Making the IU Southeast community a better atmosphere is one of their goals.

“I appreciate everyone who participated in the election. This shows that the students are involved in the process and have a voice for our campus,” said Moore.

With Moore as the president and Wallace as the vice president of the SGA, the future of Indiana University Southeast is in their hands for this next school year.