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The walking paths behind Crestview remain unlit.

Students navigate campus with flashlights during multi-week light outage

Campus community advised to be vigilant and stay in lit areas while walking
Braden Schroeder, Staff Reporter January 20, 2020

Students and faculty returned to IUS last week to find the campus a little darker than it was before. Eight lamp posts surrounding Crestview and the Life Sciences building have remained unlit for the past...

Danny Clements holds an assisted hearing device, which is one of the updated classroom technologies that has been implemented in the past few years thanks to the classroom budget.

New laser projectors save IUS students and faculty time and money

Sony projectors will increase productivity, classroom budgeting and efficiency
Sydney Randall, News Editor January 11, 2020

While IUS students were relaxing over winter break, the IT department installed new laser projectors in multiple classrooms around campus.  The Sony VPL-PHZ10 laser projectors will help IU Southeast...

Photo provided by Shane Thomas.

ACES celebrates record number of students declaring majors

Advising center helped 157 Grenadiers declare their major in 2019
Bryce Shreve, Editor-in-Chief January 10, 2020

The IU Southeast Advising Center for Exploratory Students (ACES) helped 157 students declare their major in 2019, breaking the previous record of 141 set in 2018. Founded in 2012, ACES exists to...

Recycling and landfill bins on campus.

Eco-friendly or Nah?

Is IU Southeast up to par on its Sustainability efforts?
Candace Leilani, Staff Reporter November 23, 2018

IU Southeast has improved their efforts on trying to recycle what is available, keep the ground clean of trash and replenish the soil with planting new flowers every year. The sustainability opportunities...

IUS expands its diversity

IUS expands its diversity

Departments like Admissions and the Office of Equity and Diversity find new ways to attract a diverse student body
Brittany Bullard, Staff Reporter October 26, 2018

Students who identified as non-white made up 22.4 percent of the fall 2018 incoming first-year class. This is compared to 12.4 percent in 2014. Departments such as Admissions and the Office of Equity and...

Students attended the seminar on sexual assault prevention.

Greek Law Educates Students on Sexual Assault Prevention

Bystander intervention is an important part of preventing sexual assault from occurring.
Tessa Arnold, Staff Reporter October 4, 2018

Joey Wilkerson, a third year graduate law student at the University of Louisville, and Georgia Turner, a University of Louisville law alumnus have been doing this seminar for 3 years. The pair travel...

The lawn was decorated with 1,000 backpacks around IU Southeast, including in front of the Library.

A Somber Reminder

Backpacks repressing students that have committed suicided line the paths of IU Southeast’s campus.
Joshua Roy, staff reporter October 2, 2018

On Monday, 1,000 weathered backpacks lined the walkways and lawns on IU Southeast's campus. Each bag represents the average of college students who commit suicide every year. The counseling staff at...

Wallace said that he was proud of how diversity and inclusivity are improving at IU Southeast. “We are beginning to make strides so that we’re recruiting a population here that looks like the population we’re serving,” Wallace said.

2018 State of the Campus Address

A New Start with a Balanced Budget
John Clere and Stephen Simmons September 23, 2018

The Hoosier Room was host to IU Southeast’s State of the Campus Address on Friday, Sept. 21. Chancellor Ray Wallace delivered the annual speech in front of staff and faculty, covering topics like enrollment,...

Campus Bathrooms: A Common Place for Graffiti

Campus Bathrooms: A Common Place for Graffiti

The bathrooms at IU Southeast are full of different types of graffiti, but boredom isn’t the only reason graffiti artists choose the bathroom as their canvas.
Connor Shipley, Staff Reporter January 20, 2018

Graffiti is a common sight to see in both male and female restrooms around campus. Why is this so frequently looked over and what makes writing on the bathroom walls so tempting? While illegal in the...

Changing how you eat on campus

Changing how you eat on campus

Lori Mundell, Staff Reporter September 8, 2015

The coffee shop on the main level of the library is closed. In its place will be a Subway that the university plans to open by the spring semester, according to Julie Ingram, the manager of conference...

Move-in day

Move-in day

Joseph Kauffman, Features Editor August 24, 2015

As morning became day, cars poured onto campus, filling the lodge parking lots to the brim. Students, some old and some new, exited the vehicles with the various clothes, furniture, electronics, and decorative...

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